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Matéo Maximoff Library / Mediatheque Matéo Maximoff
Fnasat-Gens du voyage / Etudes Tsiganes


Toolkits & manuals about Roma

The European “Boogie Man” Complex: Challenging Antigypsyism through Non-Formal Education, Jonathan Mack, ed., Phiren Amenca, and the European Youth Centre Budapest of the Council of Europe, 2012.

Right to Remember: A Handbook for Education with Young People on the Roma Genocide; Ellie Keen; ed. Council of Europe, 2014.

Education for Remembrance of the Roma Genocide: Scholarship, Commemoration and the Role of Youth, Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Esteban Acuña C. and Piotr Trojański, ed., Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative, ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, 2014.

Barabaripen – Young Roma Speak about Multiple Discrimination, Lucie Fremlova, Mara Georgescu, Gábor Hera, Laura-Greta Marin, Goran Miletic; Lucie Fremlova, Mara Georgescu, ed. Council of Europe, 2014.

Youth in Action and the Roma Community: Inclusion and Diversity, Salto Youth Cultural Diversity Resource Center

Mirrors: Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education; Elie Keen; ed.Council of Europe, 2015.


Other toolkits and manuals

All Different All Equal  – Education pack, European Passport against Intolerance, Council of Europe,1995

Compass: Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People, ed.;Council of Europe, 2002.

Compasito: Manual on Human Rights Education for Children, Nancy Flowers, ed.; Council of Europe, 2007.

 Romed Trainer’s Handbook: European training programme on intercultural mediation for Roma communities, ed. ;Council of Europe, 2016


Film & education resources

Movies that Matter


Film Festivals and cultural events

Rolling Film Festival 

Skopje’s Golden Wheel Film Festival
Latcho Divano: Festival des Cultures Tsiganes – Marseille

IRAF: International Romani Arts Festival, Romania


Ake Dikea? Festival of Romani Film



The Romani Film Commission, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Berlin


Colorful but Color Blind: Roma Beyond Stereotypes
This project seeks to counter these age-old prejudices with twenty-five stories featuring personal insights into the daily lives of Roma people. Colorful but Colorblind, uses multimedia storytelling to promote social integration of Roma in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.


The RomArchive (Germany, Kulturstiftung des Bundes)
an international digital archive for art of the Roma


Romedia Foundation



Research & publication

Available online



  • “The Construct ‘Gypsy’. The Representations of Sinti and Roma as Nomads and Entertainers:
    From Circus to the Early Silent Films.”
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  • “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves’: Examining Representations of Roma Culture in 70 Years
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  • “Demotic or Demonic? Race, Class and Gender in ‘Gypsy’ Reality TV.
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