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The White Picked Fence Project

Marla Altschuler & Tamarin Kaplan

Documentary - 100' - USA, Congo, Kosovo - 2012

A coming of age documentary that follows the lives of two young men striving for a brighter future: Valon, of Roma (“Gypsy”) descent, living in post-war Kosovo and Loyiso, a student living in Gugulethu, one of the poorest town- ships in South Africa. Although they live worlds apart, Loyiso and Valon share the experience of growing up in countries that have endured turbulent racial and ethnic histories of conflict and oppression. They are connected by ambition, hope and a quest for an education that will open doors to opportunities that we all take
for granted, despite the cards they were dealt. Filmed over 7 years, they document their own journey through video diaries, interviews and “slice of life” portrayals. Full of unexpected and inspiring moments, this is their story, in their own words, of their journey into manhood.

Contact: marlaaltschuler@mac.com