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Trapped by Law

Sami Mustafa

Documentary Rom(a)ni Director Watch Online - 105' - Kosovo, Germany - 2015

An odyssey, coming of age and family separation story of two brothers filmed in course of five years since the law of “forced reintegration” have been signed between Kosovo and Germany and other EU states. Kefaet and Selami, two young brothers and rap artists grew up in the hip-hop culture in Essen/Germany. Kefaet was born in Kosovo and taken by his parents to Germany at the age of four. He was married and has two children. Selami was born in Essen and has never been to Kosovo at all. During a dramatic night in March 2010, they are deported to Kosovo, a complete unknown country to them. Separated from their family and friends they try to cope with their situation and do everything in their power to return to Germany. But administration and asylum laws are standing in their way.

Contact: romawood@gmail.com
Watch online: https://vimeo.com/138302510