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Romski Bal

Dordje Cenić & Dominik Spritzendorfer

Documentary - 53' - Serbia - 2006

The documentary ”Romski Bal“ takes the audience to Guča, in Central Serbia, to an event of superlatives. Since 1961 the small village hosts a sort of Grand Prix of brass music, during which the ”white”musicians from Western Serbia meet the ”black“ Roma orchestras from Southern Serbia. They compete for the ”Golden Trumpet“ and ”Best Orchestra“. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world gather in the streets of Guča , listen and dance to the sound of the trumpet and eagerly await the jury's decision. Those who succeed here have good chances to convert their talent into gold. ”Romski Bal“ examines the Roma musicians' ambiguous role in the conflicted area between brass music euphoria and racist discrimination.

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