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Pretty Dyana

Boris Mitic

Documentary - 45' - Serbia - 2003

On the outskirts of Belgrade, a group of Roma gypsies lives in dingy shacks. They are refugees, most of whom have no papers. They support themselves by collecting garbage, like cardboard and empty bottles. As a means of transport, they use the most peculiar automobiles, which on closer consideration turn out to be made from old and totally stripped Citroens. Particularly the Dyana, one of the best-known old models next to the 2CV, is a favourite. You can remove the entire top and salvage almost all parts and then the chassis with the engine remains intact, which is impossible with any other car. The men and boys use the material very inventively. For example, they use a battery to charge their mobile phone or to make a light or watch TV at night. Unfortunately, the police queer the pitch; the gypsies are regularly stopped. Pretty Dyana is an ode to the Dyana and to these people’s resilience.

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