Porraimos – European Gypsies in the Holocaust

Alexandra Isles

Documentary - 34' - USA, Poland, Germany, Austria - 2002

Porraimos, or "the devouring." It is the first American documentary to expose how the pseudo-science of eugenics was used to persecute not only Jews, but also Gypsies. To the Nazis, Gypsies dark skin and nomadic ways made them "lives not worthy of life." Using interviews with Austrian, Czech and German Gypsy survivors (including the Jewish artist who was ordered by Joseph Mengele to paint portraits of Gypsy prisoners at Auschwitz), as well as photographs and films from the Reich Department of Racial Hygiene, this video reveals the oppression of the Gypsies—their registration and segregation, their sterilization, the medical experiments, and their eventual murder. Porraimos remembers Gypsy victims of the Holocaust—victims whose persecution has been all but forgotten.

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