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On Her Way

Cecile Herreau

Documentary - 26' - Slovenia - 2010

Martina is 17 years-old. She is ambitious and successful. She goes to high school and imagines for her future an independent woman’s life “without being married too early”. Her wish: to become a filmmaker. Nothing weird for a teenager. But Martina is an example of a woman’s determination. She is Roma and wants to make things evolving in her community and outside of it; she wants to change the look on it. Her project: to shoot a movie about her culture. Her plan: to go to Serbia, France and Hungary to meet and explore Roma traditions. Her main actors: the discrete but mainstays of the Roma society, the women.

Contact: Tom Gomizelj drustvo.dzmp@guest.arnes.si, Cécile Horreau cecile.horreau@gmail.com
Website: http://luksuz.si/