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Nirgendwo. Kosovo

Pamela Cohn

Documentary - 72' - Kosovo - 2010

Haki, 28, is a Kosovar belonging to the minority group "Egyptians". Haki had lived in Germany for 17 years, then he was deported back to Kosovo in 2007, having to leave his German wife and two sons behind. Haki's everyday life is determined by his longing for his family, the tough struggle of making ends meet in the Roma colony "Kolonia Aljibraj", and his hassle with the Albanian police. And of course the traumatic childhood memories of the deaths of his mother and his little brother. The ongoing judicial hearings of possibly returning to Germany and the hope of a visit from his family, gives Haki strength, but as his oldest son becomes ill, and the news from the courts are bad, his patience wears thin in the face of more difficult challenges.

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