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Me, My Gipsy Family and Woody Allen

Laura Halilovic

Documentary Rom(a)ni Director - 51' - Italy - 2010

A very intimate journey on the ending of nomadic life and on the difficulties of settling in a council apartment told in first person with irony and playfulness by a young Roma director (19) struggling to accept her origins. The documentary is, in a way, Laura Halilovićis personal diary. Through the memories of her grandmother that still lives in a temporary camp at risk of been evicted; family photographs and video recordings made by her father we will discover an unknown world that has seldom opened to strangers. According to the familys traditions she should be married already but is determined to continue fighting to achieve her dreams. A tale on challenging a discriminatory society, presenting a different, deeply personal, insight into Roma culture.

Contact:info@zenit.to.it Website http://www.zenit.to.it/produzioni-zenit/documentari-zenit-arti-audiovisive/41/io-la-mia-famiglia-rom-e-woody-allen