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Latcho Drom

Tony Gatlif

Fiction Rom(a)ni Director - 103' - France - 1993

Latcho Drom retraces the historic road taken by the gypsies over the centuries from India to as far away as Spain. They have been accursed, hunted and condemned to spend their life wandering. It's their music that says so. Only the music conserves the memory of their origins. Their blood too. From the depths of Slovakia to the shores of the Nile and the Estremadura, gypsies are born as in the northwest of India, the only difference being sadness of the children. When gypsy music speaks, my blood does too. I'm torn between a desire to cry and to get up and dance. It I were a black horse, I'd take off at a gallop just to pound the ground with my hooves." Tony Gatlif

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