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One Sun One Nation (Jekh Kham Jek Sel)

Sami Mustafa

Documentary Youth Project Rom(a)ni Director Watch Online - 20' - Kosovo - 2007

Plemetina is very close to Prishtina. It is charming. It is real. This village hosts the survivors from one of the most adventurous journeys in history. The Roma population began its worldwide expedition in the eleventh century from India, and arrived in Southeastern Europe three hundred years later. Since then, they have kept their traditions with loyalty, while adapting to places and times with admirable flexibility and respect. Now, Roma are one of the minorities of Kosovo, and one of the most vulnerable. With this film, Roma youth in Plemetina raise their voice in the name of their brave ancestors.

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Website: https://romawood.org/
Watch online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdb4kxZAkTQ