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Flames of God

Meshakai Wolf

Documentary - 73' - Macedonia, USA - 2011

On an invitation from the International Poetry Biennial, Muzafer Bislim, a struggling poet and songwriter from the Roma community of Shutka, FYROM, travels to Paris, France, in hopes of selling his life’s work a handwritten 25,000-word dictionary containing some of the oldest and most obscure words in the Romani language. But when the authenticity of the words comes into question, Bislim is forced to confront the sobering prospect of returning to his family empty-handed. The journey puts Bislim’s resolve to the test as he reencounters old friends who have successfully escaped Shutka’s hardships and experiences the seduction and wealth of Paris. Flames of God is a story of language and identity at the edges of Western civilization, revealing one man’s vision of the Romani people united and literate.

Contact:meshakai@gmail.com Website http://www.flamesofgod.com/