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Caravane 55

Anna Pitoun & Valérie Mitteaux

Documentary - 52' - France - 2003

In Achères, in the Yvelines department
of France, Salcuta Filan, a young Gypsy from Rumania lives with her two children and 30 other families on a strip of earth in the outskirts of the city. Moved by their neediness, the Mayor hasn’t the courage to expel them. But, early into 2003, the new government designated the Gypsies as “a problem to be solved”. On March 5th, the news breaks: the prefecture (municipality) plans to expel the Gypsies the next morning. The towns people mobilize during the night to avoid the inevitable. The confrontation takes place but 150 policemen surround the small area and the caravans are destroyed in full sight of their owners. Achères takes an unexpected decision: families with children attending school can stay. Salcuta’s children are among them. The city allots them land in the center of town and decides to challenge the Prefecture (municipality).

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