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American Gypsy

Jasmine Dellal

Documentary - 80' - USA - 1999

There are one million Gypsies, or Rom, in America who most people know nothing about. Filmed over five years, this “warm, humourous, fascinating” feature documentary lyrically tells the tale of one family in the United States who break through the secrecy surrounding Romani people. AMERICAN GYPSY follows Jimmy Marks, a flamboyant community leader who becomes passionately obsessed with a civil rights battle to defend his family, his culture, and his honour. His "spellbinding" story takes us deep into the Romani world – never shown before on screen. We dive into extraordinary scenes of Gypsies from around the world celebrating New Year in Las Vegas, teenage arranged marriage, and car salesmen in Stetson hats driving Cadillacs. This "engrossing narrative" blends with remarkable, chilling historical material to explore 1,000-year-old Romani traditions. “A sharp and sophisticated film” that “probes beneath the stereotypes." “A fascinating window… confronts the prejudice and misperception that the Roma face.”

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